What is Baking Chocolate?

Decadent chocolate candies.

Baking chocolate is chocolate intended for baking. It doesn’t taste very good in plain form, but when combined with other ingredients to make things like cakes, cookies, and brownies, it provides a very intense chocolate flavor. Many markets offer this chocolate in their bakery supply sections. It is also possible to order special baking chocolate directly from the chocolate producers.

Baking chocolate is pure, with no added sugar or nuts.

Chocolate production is a long and complicated process. It starts with harvesting and fermenting the cocoa beans. The beans are ground slowly, causing the cocoa butter in the beans to melt while the chocolate solids are broken down. The result is a thick mass known as chocolate liqueur, which can be mixed with cocoa butter, milk, sugar and other ingredients to make a wide variety of chocolate products. In the case of baked chocolate, the chocolate liqueur is packaged as is with no additions, which makes it a very pure form of chocolate.

Baking chocolate is often bittersweet or unsweetened, with a higher percentage of chocolate liquor and very little sugar.

In addition to basic confectionery chocolate, you can also find dark and semi-sweet chocolate, which has been mixed with sugar. Many bakers prefer to use unsweetened, because the flavor is stronger and because some recipes specifically call for this type. Semi-sweet varieties in a sugar-free recipe can throw the balance off balance, causing a fundamental change in the recipe.

Cocoa butter is used to make baking chocolate.

The advantage of using unsweetened chocolate is that the baker has complete control over the sweetness level of the finished product. It also has a concentrated chocolate flavor since it has not been mixed or tampered with, with a purer flavor. Parents often find that this chocolate has another advantage: the young residents of the house will not nibble on it, because it tastes extremely bitter when eaten plain.

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Chocolate consists of ground cocoa beans mixed with cocoa butter and sugar.

A number of specialist chocolatiers make gourmet chocolates, often at a very high price. The value of this chocolate varies considerably, and bakers who are considering buying a fancy brand can do a taste test before committing. The main determining factor in terms of quality is the origin of the beans and the way they are handled. Cocoa beans come in a variety of flavors that can be easily identified in the form of chocolate liqueur. Bakers who enjoy company-produced dark and dark chocolate products will likely enjoy their baked chocolate, but if they find an off-flavor or flavor in your chocolate, chances are it’s even stronger in unsweetened, gourmet, or not.

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