what is badminton

Badminton is a racket sport that can be played individually or in pairs. Instead of a ball, a projectile called a flywheel is used, which is made up of a semi-sphere and some feathers that are embedded in it. The reason for this streamlined design is that the air does not deflect the projectile in its path. Although this is played indoors.

In addition to the shuttlecock, the other main element of this discipline is the racket, which is made of carbon fiber which makes it much lighter, there are several racket presentations that vary in shape or size. To practice the sport, participants stand in the middle of a rectangular court measuring 6.1 meters wide and 13.4 meters long, separated by a net. In addition, athletes must be in excellent physical condition to be able to play badminton.

To win this game, the athlete or team must win two out of three sets of 21 points each. The throwing player and the receiving player are located on opposite diagonals. The throwing player must hit the projectile or shuttlecock below the waist. When serving, the shuttle must pass the opponent’s short service line or it will be a foul.

As for the origin of the sport, it dates back to Greece and Egypt, then expanded to India, China and Thailand. Badminton bears a modern resemblance to an early 16th century Japanese game called Hanetsuki. This consisted of two wooden paddles and a ball.

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