What is Backup

Backup is an English word in this field of technology and information, it is a backup or backup process. Backup refers to copying and archiving computer data so that it can be used to restore original information after data loss. The verb form is Backup in two words.

Backups have two different purposes, the first purpose is to recover data after its loss through data deletion or corruption, data loss can be a common experience of computer users. A 2008 survey found that 66% of respondents lost files on their home computers.

The second purpose of Backup is to recover data from a previous era, according to a user-defined data retention policy, which is usually configured in a backup application as needed. Long data copies, although backups are popularly a simple form of disaster recovery and should be part of a disaster recovery plan on their own.

One of the reasons for this is that not all backup systems or backup applications are capable of rebuilding a computer system or other complex configurations such as a cluster of computers, which are active directory servers or a backup server. Database, restoring only data from a backup.

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