What is apricot chicken?

Pitted, peeled and diced apricots can be used for apricot chicken.

Apricot Chicken is a chicken recipe that uses apricots as the main ingredient in the glaze applied to the chicken during the cooking process. Glaze is usually applied only during cooking, although some cooks also marinate the chicken in an apricot-flavored marinade. Some recipes call for a whole chicken, while others only specify a few parts, usually the breasts. Likewise, some cooks leave the skin on during the cooking process, while others remove it.

Chicken breast is a key ingredient in many culinary dishes.

The reason apricot chicken is so popular is that chicken, like many other meats, can be successfully cooked with both sweet and spicy flavors. There are many different apricot chicken recipes, most of which employ a spicy ingredient as a contrast to apricots. The most common is vinegar, sometimes alone and sometimes in salad dressing. Another ingredient found in many different recipes is the dried onion soup mix.

Dried apricots are used in some apricot chicken recipes.

Apricot chicken recipes call for apricots in a variety of ways. The most commonly used are apricot preserves, which include small pieces of the fruit. Many apricot chicken recipes, however, call for fresh, pitted, peeled and diced apricots or sun-dried apricots.

There are many different ways to prepare apricot chicken. Some recipes call for elaborate glazes that are baked before being spread on the chicken, while others call for the glaze to be prepared by placing the chicken pieces in a bowl, adding the glaze ingredients, and then tossing the entire mixture together until well blended. mixed. A “dirty” approach is to simply spread apricot preserves on the chicken, sprinkle with minced garlic, salt and pepper, and bake.

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Steaming, roasting, and sautéing are the three preferred cooking methods for apricot chicken. Many recipes include a period of roasting or frying the chicken for a short time before adding the topping, and some start by cooking the chicken on top of the stove and end up in the oven. Some recipes rely on a long, slow cooking process and specifically require the use of a crockpot.

When cooking chicken, the cooking process employed has a significant impact on the appearance, texture and, to some extent, even the flavor of the meal. Roasting, for example, is a dry heat process that typically uses a higher heat, especially early in the process, and often suspends the meat above a drip tray, rather than letting the meat cook in the juice. The skin and a thin outer portion of the meat of roast chicken are firmer and drier, and the flavor of the frosting will not penetrate the meat as deeply if it were roasted. Cooking recipes involve lower temperatures and often allow the meat to rest in a sauce, usually inside a covered pan. Chicken roasted this way will have a much wetter pulp that will come off the bone more easily, but the coating will often deteriorate and turn into sauce.

Sautéing the chicken on the stove is more like cooking than roasting, as the meat is in constant contact with the sauce. Frying, on the other hand, is not a good way to prepare apricot chicken because the chicken needs to be in hot oil. Any apricot glaze that is applied to the chicken will come off in the frying process and mess up the oil.

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