What is approval?

The idea of ​​homologation refers to the formula that appears in certain documents to specify that the person signing certifies that everything is in accordance with the law and that the document in question was issued by a person authorized to do so.

By extension, all approval types are called green. For example: “The boss gave the green light to my project, so in the next few days we will start implementing it”, “The Japanese player who came for the test did not get the green light from the coach”, “I would like to have your approval before make such an important decision.” Suppose a laboratory develops a new drug from a combination of certain drugs. After carrying out several investigations and testing the product in question through different tests, it is now ready to go on sale. However, before being able to commercialize the drug, the approval of the state agency responsible for authorizing and regulating the commercialization of this type of product is required. Finally, a short time later, the state entity is in charge of issuing the corresponding authorization and the drug thus arrives at pharmacies.

In the newsroom of a newspaper, for example, it is also necessary for editors to have the approval of their most direct heads, who are the section heads. And the same happens in the field of advertising, for example, when the head of the campaigns department must approve which projects are going to be presented to a client so that he trusts that company. All people, at some time and in some circumstances, may request or need the approval of another. The teenager who wants to go on vacation with friends, before buying a ticket, needs parental approval. The employee who intends to change his position, in turn, also needs the approval of his boss. At the political level, the term in question is also particularly relevant, as on many occasions it is essential that one body gives the green light so that another can carry out different actions or projects. Thus, for example, it is essential that the European Parliament gives the green light to certain trade agreements that are intended to be implemented from what is the European Union with other countries in Asia or Latin America. In addition to all this, it is also interesting to know that “The Good View” is the name of an information portal that exists on the Internet. It offers news, specifically, about the State of Mexico, both at a cultural, political, social, economic and even sporting level.

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