What is application software?

Application software is a type of computer software designed to be employed by end users to perform specific tasks, such as writing a letter, editing a photograph, or playing a video file. The term refers not only to the software program itself, but also to the implementation of that program and the use of the resources and power of the computer platform that runs the operating system under which the application software runs. For example, the act of installing a what-you-see-the-you-get (WYSIWYG) web design program, configuring it, and using that program to create web pages is the essence of this type of software.

An application software program for making spreadsheets.

There are certain features that are seen with this type of software that are not seen with system programs. Among these features is the presence of some sort of user interface, which is usually graphical, hence the term “graphical user interface” (GUI). These types of programs often give end users the freedom to create what is known as user-written software in the form of templates used for word processing and accounting, word processor macros that automate small tasks, and even filters for the e-mail management. Text editors are among the long list of different types of application software and are probably one of the best examples of how these programs allow you to develop more programs.

Application software is a type of computer software designed to be employed by end users to perform specific tasks.

A web developer can be the end user of a text editor in which he can code both client-side and server-side scripts to perform a wide variety of functionality for web pages. For example, the developer can write a script in a text editor that extracts content from a database to be the dynamic display of web pages. The text editor is the application software that was used to create the script, which itself is a small application – but it is not application software, like the text editor in which it was created.

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When application programs are bundled, the package is almost always referred to as an application set. The programs in the suite often interact with each other in the fact that they can all be used to create a file that makes use of their various features. For example, an application software package may consist of a word processor, a spreadsheet, an image manipulation program, and a drawing program. If the user can do things like embed a spreadsheet in a document created by the word processor, there is interactivity in the suite. Application software can be for personal use, or it can be business software that performs many different tasks, such as creating presentations, translating documents into a foreign language, or editing video and audio files.

People often associate apps with tablets or smartphones.

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