What is an organic manicure?

Use a cuticle pusher only after the cuticles are softened.

An organic manicure is a way to care for your nails without using chemicals that could be toxic to humans or the environment. Some chemicals in nail products may contain agents that can cause nail damage or even cancer and other diseases. Since many nail products contain chemicals, one should search for the words “organic manicurist”, “eco manicurist” or “green manicurist” when trying to find a natural manicurist.

An organic manicure usually starts by filing your nails.

Common substances found in nail polishes include formaldehyde, dibutyl phthalate, and toluene. These items are not good for the environment or the human body. They can enter the body through the skin of the nail or nail bed and cause damage over time. Some of these ingredients are banned in some countries.

When researching nail care professionals, one should ask about the types of nail products used in the salon. Even the moisturizer must be made from organic products to qualify as an organic manicure. Green nail salons can be found all over the world, and they often advertise their organic product lines up front. The cost of a non-toxic manicure is equivalent to that of traditional manicures.

Green nail salons often advertise their organic product lines prominently.

An organic manicure usually starts by filing your nails. If your professional uses cuticle softener, it should be made with all-natural ingredients like hot water and buttermilk. Natural oils like jojoba or coconut oil can also be used. If the client doesn’t want nail polish, a general nail polish can make them shiny and smooth.

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Once the cuticles and nail bed are softened, the nail care professional pushes the cuticles back with a stick. Organic manicures do not recommend cutting the cuticles, as this can lead to infection.

Acrylic, gel or plastic nails are not applied during an organic manicure. The reason is that the glue or chemicals from these false nails can leak into the bloodstream. Only natural nails are treated during a green manicure.

The use of oil is very important in natural manicure. The oil is rubbed into the client’s cuticles, nail beds and hands. An important note, however – mineral oil is not considered organic, so it shouldn’t be found on the ingredients list.

After the nails are polished and clean, the nail care technique moisturizes your client’s hands, wrists and arms. Oils and honey are often used to soften the skin without adding harsh chemicals. Packaged moisturizers that do not contain toxic substances can usually be found at organic beauty salons.

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