What is an oenologist?

Winemakers can advise restaurants on their wine selection.

Enologist is someone who specializes in the study of wine. Winemakers primarily focus on winemaking, although they may also be involved in wine promotion, wine judging, and related areas of the wine industry and wine drinking culture. For a career in oenology, a number of traits are required, including a very well-trained sense of taste and smell, which are developed over years of training with wine experts.


Enology and viticulture are closely related, but they are two different areas. Viticulture involves growing and harvesting wine grapes. It requires specialized training because there are a number of concerns involved in handling the grapes. Enology focuses on the making of wine with the grapes after harvesting and the various stages of winemaking. In addition to studying wine making, a winemaker is also interested in wine maturation, packaging, how wine travels and related subjects.

A vine.

All over the world, colleges and universities offer viticulture and enology. Many winemakers today hold advanced degrees, although it is also possible to learn the craft the old-fashioned way by apprenticeship to a practicing winemaker. Some trained winemakers also learn to learn specific winemaking techniques and preserve traditional heritage. A winemaker may train with several different vineyards to study the differences between winemaking techniques.

Wine to be fermented in vats.

One of the most common places to find a winemaker working is at a winery. The winemaker oversees every step of the process, from finding the sources of grapes to confirming that bottling was successful. As wineries often have multiple vintages established at the same time, the winemaker must be able to monitor multiple wines and years simultaneously and track changes over time. Many are assisted by complex computer programs that they can use to control their crops.

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The scientific study of winemaking is called enology.

It is also possible to find a winemaker at an educational institution. Colleges and universities typically look for people with winemaking experience to teach oenology and related subjects, and professors may also have training in chemistry, biology and related fields so they can provide their students with a well-rounded education. They can also act as judges in wine competitions.

Other wine professionals include people like sommeliers and wine buyers. These people received training in wine evaluation and work with the aim of assisting consumers in wine selection. They can be trained in schools that offer professional education and can be found in restaurants, markets and other places where the judgment of a wine expert may be required.

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