What is an Oat Smoothie?


An oatmeal smoothie is any smoothie with rolled oats listed as one of the main ingredients. It might seem like an unusual ingredient to put in a smoothie, but those who try it often love the results. Oats contain fiber, protein, nutrients and essential vitamins. It’s healthy, so it usually gives smoothies thickness and texture. Oatmeal also often gives smoothies a smooth, subtle flavor. Proponents of the oat smoothie often enjoy it as a quick breakfast or lunch. They are also very versatile, meaning that people can consume oat smoothies every day without getting bored.

Fruits such as blueberries are often added to smoothies.

There are two basic types of oat smoothie: cooked and raw. Cooked smoothies can be eaten hot or cold, while raw oat smoothies are usually only eaten cold. When making a cooked oat smoothie, the first step usually involves preparing the oatmeal. The cooking liquid can be milk, non-dairy milk, water, tea or fruit juice. The oatmeal should be cooked in the liquid until it is soft, creamy and has absorbed all the liquid. Anyone who has made oatmeal to eat as a cereal should be familiar with this process.

Granulated sugar, which can be used to sweeten oat smoothies.

The hot oatmeal is then added to a blender with a variety of fruits, some kind of sweetener, and spices. Fruit choices include everything from peaches and blueberries to apples, bananas, strawberries, mangoes and persimmons. Honey, sucralose, raw and granulated sugar or maple syrup are all tasty sweetener options. Some cooks may want to add a little cinnamon or a sprig of mint to their smoothies to complement the fruit flavor.

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Blenders are the easiest way to make smoothies.

To make a cold oat smoothie, the cook should add a handful or two of ice or frozen fruit to the blender with the oatmeal. The smoothie is then blended in a blender until smooth and creamy. For hot oatmeal smoothies, the cook should normally leave out the ice and use fresh fruit instead of frozen. Any liquid added to dilute the smoothie should be at room temperature or slightly warmed in the microwave. Warm smoothies can be the perfect take-out breakfast for cold winter mornings.

A dash of honey makes an oatmeal smoothie sweeter.

Raw oat smoothie recipes can contain the same flavors as the cooked variety. The only real difference is in how the oatmeal is prepared. Some cooks like to simply put whole oats in a blender along with the fruit and pulse until smooth. Others prefer to grind oatmeal into powder with a nut or coffee grinder. Smoothies made with powdered oatmeal often thicken slowly over time, so cooks may prefer to refrigerate them overnight to create a hearty breakfast.

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