What is an industrial oven?

Commercially delivered pizzas are made in industrial ovens.

An industrial oven is typically a large oven that produces a lot of heat and is of sufficient size to bake several items at once for commercial purposes. This type of oven is typically designed for one of two main purposes: baking food products for commercial resale or curing industrial materials. Food ovens can come in many different shapes and sizes, although they are generally intended for use in cooking multiple items at the same time. An industrial non-food oven is typically used to cure certain materials that are hardened by heat applications.

Bakeries use industrial ovens.

Also called a commercial oven, an industrial oven is usually designed to reach very high temperatures and be large enough to simultaneously bake large batches. These ovens can be found in bakeries, commercial food processing plants, restaurants and other places where food is prepared in large quantities. The exact shape and design of an industrial oven often depends on its purpose. Some ovens are similar in design to home ovens, but may be larger or produce more heat. Other ovens include features such as belts that move food in and out of the oven or are large enough for a person to walk on.

Some restaurants cook pizza on flat bricks or stones in special commercial ovens.

Some industrial ovens are designed for a specific type of food, such as pizza ovens, while others are intended for more general purposes. A commercial pizza oven usually features an open oven that passes through a belt. The pizzas are then placed on this conveyor belt, or conveyor belt, and moved into the oven, moving slowly through the oven as they bake, and emerging on the other side when fully cooked. There are also very large types of industrial ovens that can be used in bakeries and similar places. They are often large enough for someone to walk into them and bake dozens of loaves of bread on large racks on casters.

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An industrial oven can also be designed and used for non-food purposes such as baking or curing various commercial products. This can include firing ceramics and ceramics, both for decorative and construction purposes, as well as curing various coatings on other products. Many industrial items have some sort of coating, usually powder or liquid, applied over them and then baked in an industrial oven. Applying high temperature for a period of time causes a chemical reaction in the coating, which hardens or otherwise forms a protective barrier on the object.

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