What is an indoor balcony?

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There are two basic interior porch styles. The first type is usually a second floor that ends in the middle of a building. A security handrail wraps around the open side of this porch and can be accessed via a ladder or ladder. Sometimes this type is also called a loft. The second type of internal balcony serves as a passage from the first floor to the second. It usually features a small section of railing, followed by a wall that hides the rest of the second floor.

The interior loft-style balcony design is usually very open. It is most often seen in airy apartments, with the loft often serving as the bedroom. The kitchen or living room can be under the loft overhang, but the rest of the apartment is usually visible from the balcony. Those who like this type of interior balcony usually enjoy plenty of space and natural light. Loft apartments can usually only accommodate one or two people at a time.

There are some downsides to loft-style interior balconies. The loft is usually separated from the rest of the apartment by little more than a wooden or metal security grille. This means that light and noise from the rest of the house can easily pollute the silence of the room. Those who live in this type of situation can put up noise-reducing curtains or moveable privacy screens, especially if they live with someone else. Rooms located in lofts are often well decorated and kept tidy because visitors can see them unless they are blocked by the mentioned methods.

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The second type of interior porch is usually much smaller and more enclosed than a loft porch. These structures are usually little more than a small open space at the very top of the stairs leading to the rest of an upper level. This is especially true of smaller homes with rather narrow stairs.

Larger homes with imposing staircases may feature a larger internal porch. In some cases, the inner balcony can even serve as a kind of ‘half floor’ between the first and second floors. This style of architecture is especially popular in very large and elegant houses such as manor houses or palaces. The films “Beauty and the Beast” and “Cinderella” feature large interior balconies in the scenes where Belle and Cinderella step onto the dance floor, respectively. Indoor balconies in large houses, like those in the movies, are often built by the wealthy to expand the space on the dance floor and allow women to show off their dresses before entering the ballroom proper.

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