What is an eyebrow marker?

Eyebrow markers are used to fill in and color the eyebrows.

An eyebrow marker is a makeup tool used by professional makeup artists and the general public to fill in and enhance the color and shape of the eyebrows. To look natural, the chosen brow marker shade should match the natural brow color. The main advantages of using an eyebrow marker are that only one tool and no sharpening adjustments are required. Some disadvantages are that markers tend to dry quickly and the color supply is limited, compared to pencils and powders on the market. For best results, brow markers should only be used on clean, clean brows.

Pluck out any loose hairs before using an eyebrow marker.

Before using an eyebrow marker, it is best to use tweezers to pull the loose hair strands and shape the eyebrows in a way that suits the wearer’s face. Without plucking first, finished brows will look messy and disheveled rather than sculpted and defined. Also, as with applying any type of makeup, eyebrow markers should only be used on a clean face. Washing your face is recommended before using, especially if there is still residual makeup on your eyebrows. After the brows are prepped, an eyebrow marker that matches the natural hair color very well should be chosen to start filling in with the color until the desired effect is achieved.

Cosmetic tattoo can be used to permanently simulate eyebrow marker.

Using an eyebrow marker instead of using other forms of eyebrow makeup like powder or pencil has several advantages. Unlike powders that require additional applicators to use, using a marker just means having to use and carry a tool. Another advantage is that the marker does not require sharpening before each use, as with the pencil. This can be especially useful when you are on the go or when a pointer is not available. Plus, the markers are designed to be easy to use and don’t require any special artistic talent to get great results.

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The eyebrow marker can be used to make the eyebrows look fuller and healthier.

Using an eyebrow marker also has disadvantages. While pencils and powders tend to last a long time, markers tend to dry quickly and without warning. There is no way to monitor when a marker will run out, so it may be necessary to always keep a backup on standby. Another downside to using highlighters is that they aren’t as readily available as other forms of brow makeup. This means that not as many manufacturers make markers, which means there aren’t as many color options available for purchase.

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