What is an enclosed porch? (with photos)

An enclosed porch can serve as a mud room.

A porch is a structure attached to the front of a house; it acts as a platform on which guests can stand while they wait for the home owner to answer the door, or it can be used as an area for sitting or other activities. An enclosed porch is a porch that has a roof and walls, and often a door that opens onto the enclosed area. Many homes have an enclosed porch to protect the front door and the area in front of the front door from the outside elements, and to provide a sheltered area for guests.

A semi-enclosed porch or patio can be a good choice for use in hot, humid locations.

A porch that has a roof but no walls can be called a semi-enclosed porch, while a porch without a roof or walls can simply be called a porch. The cabinet may be a solid frame or it may be a screen frame. The enclosed porch can be built around an existing porch or can be part of the original structure. It usually has an external door that leads to the closed area, in which the internal door of the house is located.

The purpose of the enclosed porch varies from structure to structure. A fully enclosed porch can double as a storage space or, if heated, can be used as an extra living space. Sometimes it is simply used as a sitting area or a waiting area protected from the weather. A screened-in porch can be used in the summer months for leisure time, allowing guests to enjoy the weather without the presence of insects around them. In the winter months, the porch area can be used as a mud room, in which muddy or snowy boots and coats can be stored so that dirt doesn’t crawl into the house. Still other enclosed porches are meant for decoration and can be filled with plants, benches, or other decorative items.

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While the enclosed porch increases privacy and usable space, there are also drawbacks to the structure. The enclosed area can add another door or angle to work around when moving furniture in or out of the home, and can sometimes obscure the entrance to the home, confusing visitors. Poorly designed enclosed porches can detract from the aesthetics of a home, although well-designed porches can enhance the aesthetics and even add value to the home; and fences will hide or obscure the front of the house, so if the aesthetic of the house is pleasing to the eye, it will be blocked off to passersby.

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