What is an electronic receipt? (with photos)

Many electronic receipts are sent via email, but they can also be sent to a cell phone via a text messaging system.

An electronic receipt is proof of purchase or delivery sent electronically. The recipient may use this document as a paper receipt in exchanges, returns or disputes with the sender. Electronic receipts can also be used for activities such as claiming tax deductions. You can usually print them out if a hard copy is needed.

The electronic receipt includes a unique identification code to reference the order, along with a detailed description. It will note the sender’s and recipient’s contact information, payment method and any other relevant details. This document may also contain an electronic signature and may include information on how to handle returns and exchanges.

Companies doing business online often send an electronic receipt.

Many electronic receipts are sent via email, but they can also be sent to a cell phone via a text messaging system. It may also be possible to download copies if a receipt is lost or never arrives. The recipient can log on to the merchant’s website and check their transaction records to find the electronic receipt they need. For some web transactions, the receipt can be loaded into the browser when the transaction is completed and the user will need to print it out or write down the confirmation code for future reference.

Some accounting software will interface with the electronic receipts and integrate the receipt data with the customer’s accounting records. The software can enter the information into the user’s ledger, sort the purchase type and adjust the new running balance automatically. Buyers can also correct the information if it is incorrect; the software may misclassify a purchase, for example, or download an electronic receipt that is later amended and record an incorrect amount.

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Online receipts can document purchases and provide information about how and when a purchase was made. They also confirm the order and can provide a mechanism to correct it if it is wrong, although generally this must be within a very narrow window. Receipts can also be generated automatically upon delivery. Senders can email senders and recipients to let them know when a package arrives, and electronic receipt may be required in a dispute over delivery.

Using electronic receipts can be more environmentally friendly and can also make accounting easier. The user can keep copies in an accounting program, link journal entries to specific receipts, and provide receipts upon request in a convenient electronic format. If the receipt document is purchased by a consumer planning to file taxes, it is important to ensure that they will be accessible in the future, and it may be a good idea to save copies in a folder on a hard drive.

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