What is an electrical storm?

Homeowners should clear dead trees and branches that could fall and cause damage.

An electrical storm is more commonly known as a thunderstorm or lightning storm. It may or may not feature thunder, but lightning can still occur in the absence of thunder. Thunder is the direct result of lightning and occurs when clouds break apart and come together during an electrical storm. In addition to thunder and lightning, this type of storm can also include wind, hail, rain, or snow.

When an electrical storm is coming, individuals who have livestock will want to bring them to a shelter.

Electrical storms are created from the combination of atmospheric processes and dry air. The friction created between different weather occurrences creates a buildup of energy that results in a storm. The electrical storm is similar to the static electricity that is created when you rub a balloon through your hair and it sticks to the wall, albeit obviously on a much larger scale.

Electrical storms can include hail.

This type of storm can be potentially dangerous. Strong winds, heavy rain, snow or hail can cause a lot of damage to property as well as injure people and animals. Lightning can strike a person, but more often causes fire when it strikes houses or trees. Since you can never be sure how much of a threat a particular storm poses, you must take precautions for each storm.

An emergency kit that includes batteries can come in handy during an electrical storm.

Preparing for an electrical storm is not complicated. First, make sure that any large, dead trees or branches around your home are eliminated. This will help prevent limbs from falling on buildings, vehicles or people in the event of a severe storm. Always have an emergency kit assembled and stored in a convenient location. An emergency kit should include batteries, flashlight, radio, first aid products and water.

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A flashlight is an essential item during an electrical storm.

Watch out for darkening skies or winds that indicate a storm is approaching. Protect yourself in your home and make sure your pets and livestock are protected too. During an electrical storm, you must not use electrical appliances such as a television or telephone, and do not use water.

If you are outside and away from a building, take refuge in a vehicle if possible. If you are not near shelter, avoid standing under trees or other tall objects that are vulnerable to being struck by lightning. It’s best to crouch with your hands on your knees if you’re in an isolated area to avoid being struck by lightning. Also, get out of the water immediately if you are swimming as soon as you notice an electrical storm approaching.

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