What is an application server?

An application server is a server designed or dedicated to running specific applications. In its most basic form, it can be used to run an application. If that application is what keeps the company network running and is therefore a massive application, it can take up the entire RAM and ROM requirement of a server.

A server designed or dedicated to running specific applications is known as an application server.

Another possibility is that a server is used to run certain types of applications. For example, a company may have multiple word processing, spreadsheet, or desktop publishing programs, and all of these applications may reside on one type of server. Anyone who needs access to these programs will log on to the Desktop Publishing Server, for example, to use whatever design program the company might recommend and have on hand.

People often associate apps with tablets or smartphones.

Another type of application server is one that runs an operating system. This is more old fashioned, but still used. Certain computers, more commonly called terminals, connect to a server to access basic functions.

Like ants and bees that have specific roles in life, application servers have specific parts to play in a company’s general anthill or hive. As with many computer-related things, there is a more complicated example. Oracle, a leading server developer, has released a J2EE (Java Platform Enterprise Edition) server. A large number of companies across the world use J2EE server which is capable of running very powerful applications that can be accessed by multiple computers connected to this server in a network.

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What it all boils down to, though, is the propensity of the computer world to assign certain resources to perform certain actions. In the same way that someone might use a word processing program to write an article but a photo manipulation program to retouch vacation photos, technology departments use application servers to compartmentalize the way in which multiple computers on a company do certain things. If they are doing their job well, most people will hardly notice that such activity is taking place.

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