What is an Apple Corer?

Applesauce made with tubular apples.

An apple corer is a kitchen tool designed to remove the seeded core of fruits such as apples and pears. There are a number of variations on the basic apple distillery design, including apple slices. Most kitchen supply stores offer apple distilleries, which can also be ordered. When looking for an apple corer to buy, look for a sturdy model made of thick stainless steel with an easy-grip handle. A well-designed apple corer will make cooking with seeded fruit much easier.


In a standalone apple corer, the design includes a cylinder that is sharpened at one end and a handle. The cylinder is placed over the center of the fruit as the user pushes the handle down, forcing the cylinder through the fruit. When removed, the apple corer takes the core of the fruit with it, leaving the edible parts of the fruit behind. Whole fruits can be used to make sweet desserts filled with pie fillings, or they can be further prepared for pies, applesauce and other dishes.

An apple corer can also be used on other fruits such as pears.

When an apple corer is also designed to cut the fruit, pushing the device into the fruit also pushes a series of blades through the pulp of the fruit to cut it into equal parts. An apple corer that also slices fruit is useful for packing lunches and making fruit salad without having to handle the fruit excessively. After cutting the fruit into slices for later consumption, consider sprinkling it with citrus juice to keep it fresh.

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An apple corer is a handy tool to have in the kitchen when making apple pie.

People who work a lot with apples may find it helpful to buy an apple corer, which also has peeler and slicer options. This type of kitchen appliance is usually bolted to a counter. The apple is mounted on the corer and the cook turns a handle to turn the apple past the blade to peel. As the apple is peeled, another blade cuts the apple into a spiral of thin slices. When the apple is removed from the appliance, the slices are further cut with a sharp knife for cooking or drying.

While an apple corer is not necessarily a vitally necessary kitchen tool, it can be extremely useful, especially during canning season. Experimenting with an apple corer can also demonstrate how useful it is on other fruits, such as pears and tomatoes. Like all bladed kitchen tools, an apple corer should be kept out of the reach of children and in a safe area so people don’t inadvertently cut themselves while looking for utensils in the kitchen.

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