What is an American Shorthair?

An American shorthair kitten.

The American Shorthair (ASH) is a breed of cat known for its athletic build. The breed is believed to have originally descended from cats in England that were brought in by settlers several hundred years ago. The American Shorthair is among the top breeds in the United States, although it is considered a working cat. He has a large, strong frame and is more powerful than similar cats such as the British Shorthair.

There are almost a hundred different colors of American Shorthair cats.

Colonists traveling from England to America often had problems with rats on board ships. To solve this problem, cats were brought on board specifically for pest control. These cats had to be strong and thin to be effective at catching worms. When the boats arrived, the cats were taken ashore and became pets. This is where the cat gets its nickname – the “mouse”.

American Shorthair cats are strictly controlled when it comes to appearance. They are pedigreed cats and must follow certain specifications set by organizations around the world. While there are many cats that can look like the American Shorthair, the true examples of this breed have to be purebred.

In general, this cat is a good pet. They are affectionate animals that are not aggressive towards strangers or people new to the house. Compared to other cat breeds, they also don’t require a lot of maintenance. A person looking to buy a GRAY should keep in mind that males are almost always larger and heavier than females. Although a cat’s lifespan varies with a number of factors, this breed can live up to 20 years.

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While there are strict regulations governing the appearance of an ASH, there are a number of different colors. In fact, there are about a hundred different recognized colors. These can range from mottled brown fur to pure white. Silver American Shorthair cats are probably the most common, and the color is associated with the breed.

The purchase price of a new American Shorthair kitten depends on the exact type and appearance. There is also price variation depending on the cat’s fur markings. ASH cat breeders usually sell the kittens after about 16 weeks, though sometimes up to 12 weeks. The cat’s lineage will also have a big effect on the final price.

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