What is an advertising slogan?

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An advertising slogan is a catchy message for a company or product designed to grab a customer’s attention and communicate why the customer wants to make a purchase. Some companies will use the same advertising slogan for many years to increase familiarity with the idea and help customers develop associations with the product. Other companies will often develop new slogans to accompany new products or services, especially if the company is evolving to offer new and different things to customers. A catchy slogan can really go a long way in selling products, and many companies hire professionals to do just that task.

The purpose of an advertising slogan is to convey what is known as the core message. This message is the most important aspect of any product, service, or idea the company is trying to sell. Simply put, the core message is the idea the company expects the customer to take away. It may take some effort to distill the ad text down to the core message, but it really is worth it when trying to come up with an effective advertising slogan. Brainstorming sessions with many different people can sometimes be effective ways to do this.

Typically, a slogan is no more than a few words; it is virtually never longer than a sentence, because that would defeat the whole purpose. Often, literary techniques such as alliteration are used to make the slogan more memorable. Alliteration, sometimes also known as head rhyme or head rhyme, occurs when each of the words in a sentence starts with the same sound, or even just the same letter. Traditional rhyming can also be used to make it more memorable. Many companies add a song, such as an advertising jingle that contains the advertising slogan, as it is easier for people to remember something expressed in a melody.

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Advertising slogans can be found in all different types of marketing communications. Print media especially is a common place to find advertising slogans, but they are also found in advertising methods such as radio and television commercials or other types of promotional materials. Advertising slogans are a great choice when space or time is at a premium, as they give customers a general idea of ​​the advertised product or service without requiring too much exclusive attention.

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