What is Airlock Cabin?

A gas-tight device used on a manned spacecraft for astronauts to enter or return from space. The pressurized chamber cabin has two pressurized chamber doors, one is connected to the sealed cabin, called the inner gate, and the other is the outer gate that can lead to the space. The gate can be opened and closed electrically or manually.

The cabin of the pressurized chamber is equipped with a gate console, an air supply and exhaust device before opening the gate, communication and lighting equipment, and aerospace suits worn by astronauts when leaving the cabin. The opening and closing of the gate must be very careful and skillful to avoid the danger of air leakage. Before leaving the cabin and entering space, astronauts must wear aerospace suits in the cabin.

After exiting the inner gate, close the inner gate and evacuate the cabin air from the decompression chamber into the cabin. Only when the pressure in the cabin the outside space is equal Open the outside gate to enter the space. . When the astronaut returns to the decompression chamber cabin, the operation is performed in reverse order: close the outer gate and pump air from the cabin into the decompression chamber cabin.

When the two pressures are equal, open the inner door and the astronaut can enter the cockpit. The tightness of the inner and outer gates is absolutely reliable, which is the basic condition of the airlock cabin. The Soviet manned spacecraft “Ascent” 2 used for the first time an airlock capsule, which was used by astronaut Α.Α Leonov to leave the capsule and go into space.

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