What is Airbrush Nail Art?

Artificial nails with airbrush designs.

Airbrush nail art is a small nail design created with paint that is spread by a pneumatic spray tool. Nail art is a popular way for people to express themselves, and there are many products available that allow people to get creative with their nails. It’s relatively easy to create nail art with an airbrush when the right tools are used.

Salon manicurists do most of the airbrush nail art, but with the increasing availability of airbrushes at beauty supply stores, anyone can do it. Retail and drug stores carry hundreds of nail polish colors, and nail pens decorate the shelves along with decals and stickers. All of these nail art decorations can be used alone or in combination with an airbrush.

After choosing the design, the manicurist will place a small stencil on the client’s nail. He will spray paint over the stencil with the airbrush, wait a few seconds and spray again if necessary. Only one color can be touched up at a time, so the manicurist can change colors in the process. More than one stencil can also be used to achieve desired results. After the painting is complete, the manicurist will remove the stencil and apply a coat of varnish to protect the design.

An airbrush can be used to paint real or acrylic nails. Most people tend to use stencils to create designs and shapes, and others prefer to decorate freehand. A Nail Art stencil is a small, cut-out shape that is placed over the nail to reproduce patterns and designs. Stencils can also be made with masking tape, cardstock, or thin cardboard. What makes airbrush nail art so easy is that the only thing needed besides the airbrush and stencils is paint, which can be purchased at beauty supply stores.

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Airbrush art should last as long as regular nail polish. It will wear off over time, especially around the edges of your nails, but a good application should last about two weeks. More active people — who keep their hands in the water or in the garden often, for example — will notice that the artwork wears out more quickly than those who don’t use their hands as much.

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