What is addiction?

Addiction is a term that comes from the Latin vitium and has many uses and meanings. It could be the defect or the bad quality of things. For example: “The shirt has a nice design, but I won’t buy it because of the fabric addiction” , “The investigation gave negative results due to a defect in the data processing . ”

The most frequent use of the concept is linked to the special and excessive flavor of something, which leads to using or consuming it frequently and excessively: “Cinemas are my addiction: I can see about five a weekend” , “My only addiction is movies. Chips”, “I like the game, but I can’t say it’s an addiction for me”. In general, addictions are harmful habits that put a person’s health at risk. While spending many hours in front of the television or playing computer games can cause vision problems and negatively affect posture, they are not major threats; On the other hand, smoking, alcohol and cocaine, among many other substances, can lead to death. It is worth mentioning that, in this context, the term addiction is strongly linked to addictions: “Sebastián’s mother decided to hospitalize him so that he could definitively abandon his addictions” , “The singer confessed that drugs and gambling are two addictions that led to his doom ” .

Addictions, on the other hand, are habits considered immoral or degrading to a society. Obscenity, lust and corruption are some of the most common examples: “Corruption leading our class is a vice that erodes the possibilities of progress”. Consequences of Alcohol Excessive consumption of alcohol has a slow but severe impact on our bodies. First, alcoholics tend to shy away from their responsibilities, both professionally and personally, letting go of their relationships and plunging into an increasingly deeper, darker well of loneliness and misunderstanding. Gradually, they become aggressive and inconsiderate beings towards their loved ones; moreover, they often seek confrontations and arguments, even when there are no apparent motives. A person who puts his life on the sidelines to indulge in alcoholism needs help; however, only the minority receive adequate care. Alcoholics are popularly considered lazy, lazy individuals who don’t want to assume their responsibilities; While it is never correct to generalize, a high percentage of addicts feel great helplessness and seek to avoid failure.

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Alcoholism is a one-way ticket to the loss of everything that was built: family, profession, friends, dignity. If you don’t have the support of an understanding being, who sees in the addict the need to get out of hell, it’s almost impossible to give up the addiction, because it ends up becoming his very life. But the psychological and social consequences are only part of the consequences of alcohol: in terms of the traces it leaves in the body, it increases susceptibility to diseases such as peptic ulcers, gastritis and certain heart and kidney complications On the other hand, insomnia and loss of appetite are common. . With regard to liver diseases, alcohol usually produces three well-defined types: fatty liver, when excess fat accumulates in the cells; alcoholic hepatitis, a strong inflammation that causes your cells to die; alcoholic cirrhosis, destruction of normal tissue, with consequences such as cancer and kidney failure. Finally, it is important to remember that the predisposition to alcoholism can be transmitted from generation to generation, with the fact that one’s own ruin is added to the fact of leading one’s children to destruction.

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