What is a yellow cake?

Yellow cake mix.

Yellow cake gets its coloring from egg yolks. White cake only uses egg whites instead of yolks. The other ingredients of the two cakes are often exactly the same: flour, salt, baking powder, sugar, milk, and vanilla. A yellow cake can also be called a Golden Cake, Moist Yellow Cake or Yellow Butter Cake. The rich deep yellow of the egg yolks produces the cake color, not the food coloring; however, the intensity of coloring may vary depending on how many eggs are used.

An egg, which is used to make a yellow cake.

Some yellow cakes only use two eggs, while others require four. There are recipes for a Three-Egg Cake and a Four-Egg Cake, depending on how many eggs you order. Some yellow cake recipes use different amounts of yolk and egg white, such as four yolks and three whites. Some yellow cake recipes only use one and a half cups of flour but four eggs. Generally, yellow cakes are thicker in texture than many white cakes, although they are often very moist.

Chocolate frosting is typically used with a yellow cake.

A yellow cake can be in the form of bread, layer cake, or cupcake. Yellow wedding cakes are not unheard of. Chocolate frosting is the classic addition to yellow cakes, but vanilla, lemon, coconut, or other flavors can also work well. The dark chocolate color and rich flavor offer a nice contrast to the light yellow cake, so maybe that’s why it’s the traditional frosting option.

Yellow cake gets its coloring from egg yolks.

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Yellow cake mix is ​​a very popular variety of cake mix. It’s a versatile choice for many different types of quick desserts to have on hand in your cupboard. It can be made with rum, brown sugar and nut frosting for an easy type of rum cake and some people add pineapple for a tropical flavor. Yellow cake can also be used for an upside down pineapple or peach cake. Lemon juice, zest and frosting can turn a yellow cake into a lemon cake.

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