What is a worm snake?

Earthworms may look like earthworms, but they actually eat earthworm-like creatures.

A worm snake is a type of snake that closely resembles an earthworm. These snakes are usually brown on top with a pink underside and very smooth scales. Worm snakes can grow up to 13 inches (33 cm) in length, although most do not exceed 11 inches (28 cm). These snakes are typically considered small compared to most other types of snakes. A worm snake’s tail has a very sharp tip, which it normally uses to help dig into the earth.

The worm snake is native to the eastern United States and is quite common, although it is rarely seen by humans. It is not common to see these snakes out in the open because they tend to prefer to bury themselves in the earth, similar to the earthworm they resemble. The earthworm prefers humid conditions, which is why burying itself in the earth is usually favorable to it. These snakes are often found inside gardens because people tend to keep their garden soil moist. When conditions get dry, the worm snake will usually go in search of another damp spot.

Earthworms usually mate in the fall and lay eggs in late summer. Most of these snakes lay no more than five eggs at a time, but it is uncommon for there to be fewer than two eggs. Female worm snakes tend to lay their eggs in inconspicuous places, such as piles of leaves or under large rocks. They can also lay eggs inside large pieces of rotting wood, such as stumps or logs. The eggs take about a month and a half to two months to hatch. It takes about three years for young worm snakes to reach full sexual maturity.

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Most worm snakes eat worms, particularly earthworms. This is likely because they spend so much time on land that worms are the most readily available prey. In addition to worms, earthworms also occasionally eat insects they find in the soil. These snakes are not venomous and are not considered a threat to humans. If a person catches a worm snake, it will normally not bite, but it may try to pierce a person’s hand with the sharp end of its tail. Earthworms can also produce a very strong unpleasant odor in their anal glands when threatened.

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