What is a Wireless Internet Gateway?

A wireless internet gateway is the term used to describe the hardware components used to allow people to access the internet over a wireless connection. This type of connection is growing in popularity as it provides the greatest amount of freedom to users and represents a potential revenue stream for a variety of different businesses. There are two aspects to connecting to the Internet through a wireless Internet gateway: hardware on the user’s computer and network hardware for the service provider.

A wireless router.

To access the Internet over a wireless connection, the computer you are using must have a wireless card. Laptops manufactured after 2007 usually come with a wireless card installed. If the card is not installed, it can be purchased at any computer or electronics store.

Wireless Internet gateways allow people to access the Internet wirelessly.

The card is inserted into a wide slot located on the side of the laptop and usually has an antenna. To use the service, the card must be activated or turned on. Refer to the network or wireless connections section of your computer’s operating system to enable this function. All active wireless networks in the area will appear on the screen.

Businesses like coffee shops can access WiFi for customers through an internet gateway.

To actually connect to the wireless Internet gateway, you may need to enter a username and password. This type of security is very common and is used to control access or provide internet connection through a fee for the service model. Once the connection is established and the username and password accepted, you are connected to the Internet via a wireless connection. Each user is free to browse the Internet in the same way as if the connection were a physical line.

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Wireless internet gateways need to be equipped with different security software to protect them from hackers.

The company or organization that provides the wireless internet gateway must invest in a wireless internet router and a connection to an internet service provider (ISP). Typically, when you subscribe to an ISP, they will provide you with a cable connection and a router. The router is connected to a computer and configured to connect to the ISP. Adding a wireless router allows the user to connect to the router without a cable and from there access the Internet. Multiple users can connect to the router’s address and then access the Internet.

Many cafes, bakeries, libraries and stores are providing wireless Internet access as a service to their customers. Some companies charge a nominal fee for each hour of usage, while others have a policy that users must buy something in store. The actual cost to the business is quite low and represents a way to attract new customers or generate a new revenue stream.

A wireless card will be installed in most laptops manufactured after 2007.

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