What is a wireless desktop computer?

A wireless desktop computer can refer to many different computer configurations and configurations, although it generally means that a computer is designed to have a minimum number of wires between components. Devices used with this type of setup are typically wireless, although it is unlikely that the entire setup can be wireless. Wires and cables usually still connect the computer to a power source, such as a wall outlet, and a wire may still be needed to connect a computer monitor and a tower. A wireless desktop computer can also have wireless connectivity to other devices, such as printers and a network router.

A wireless desktop computer has as few wires as possible.

The main characteristic of a wireless desktop computer is, as the name implies, a general lack of wires and physical connections between various devices and peripherals. While this can be as simple as an Internet connection or wireless network, it can also mean an overall reduction in wires in a computer system. This normally just refers to the external connections between different devices and a computer system. In the tower or case of a wireless desktop computer, there are usually still multiple wires and cables connecting various internal components.

A desktop computer, wireless keyboard and mouse with a hidden tower.

An elaborate wireless desktop computer may include multiple devices and peripherals that are all wirelessly connected. For example, someone might have a monitor, mouse, and keyboard connected wirelessly, usually through multiple universal serial bus (USB) port dongles that receive wireless signals from the mouse and keyboard. The monitor itself can still be connected to the computer tower via a wire, however, although some desktop computer manufacturers produce computers that host the actual computer systems inside the monitor, eliminating the need for a separate tower. This allows a wireless desktop computer to have only a single wire, which connects the monitor and computer to an electrical outlet or other power source.

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Wireless mice and keyboards can interact with computers via a Bluetooth dongle instead of a cable.

Using a wireless router or hub to create a wireless network can further enhance the capabilities of a wireless desktop computer. A computer wirelessly connected to a router can access local area networks (LANs) or larger networks such as the Internet. Wireless printers and other peripherals can be connected to this wireless network hub or router, allowing the wireless desktop computer to use these peripherals as well. This type of network can allow a media player device in one room to play files located on a computer in another room, which in turn can send documents to a printer in a different room.

A wireless desktop’s power supply will usually still be plugged into a wall.

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