What is a window frame? (with photo)

Window frames in older homes are typically constructed of wood and glass.

An important part of traditional windows, the window frame is the movable section of the window. Depending on the design of the window itself, there may be one or more sashes that allow the space to be opened or closed according to the occupant’s preferences. With some window designs, the window is permanently fixed in place and cannot be opened at will.

The components that make up the standard window frame are very basic. This type of window consists of a simple frame that is constructed to allow easy insertion into window frames. Inside the frame, the glass is inserted and sealed in place. The glass can be made up of a series of small panels that are connected with an interlocking frame and attached to the larger frame frame. For standard windows, the panels are usually transparent, although some designs require stained or tinted glass components.

The sashes can be attached to the frame by a set of runners that help hold them in place. The aisles also include sashes that allow the window to be moved up and down at will. At the same time, the corridor mechanism was operated with a series of ropes embedded in the frame. Later models only used metal bands to achieve the same purpose.

At the same time, the window frame was made of wood and glass. Over time, metal frames were created for use in public buildings and also in the construction of new homes. Considered to be durable and more energy efficient, metal tracks used to be made from lightweight aluminum. Installation is very simple and they remain a popular option for windows included in outside porches and patio doors.

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Although the metal sash continues to enjoy great popularity, many new homes are being built with the traditional wooden sash. Offering a touch of tradition, modern wood sash and sash options can be simple in design or include details that provide a personalized touch.

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