What is a Whitefish?

Because they live on the ocean floor, whitefish are usually caught with nets or traps.

A whitefish is a broad term that refers to a category of fish that generally live near the bottom of water sources such as lakes, oceans, ponds, and aquariums. They are equipped to comfortably reside in the vicinity of loose sand and debris. Because they are located near the bottom of water sources near the sand, members of this category of fish often have a dry, flaky texture to their flesh when cooked and eaten, especially compared to fish that reside closer to the water’s surface and tend to have a more oily texture. Some common types of whitefish are cod, pollack and halibut.

Cod is a type of white fish.

Because whitefish stay as close to the bottom of a water source as possible, they are commonly referred to as bottom feeders. Bottom feeders are typically exposed to sand, pebbles and other loose debris. To comfortably adapt to this environment, bottom-feeding fish use a process to filter out any debris they inhale. As these fish inhale the water and any debris, their internal breathing mechanism — known as the gill — filters all non-water materials out of the body through a slit.

Pollock and halibut are two varieties of whitefish.

Whitefish generally live in a wide variety of water sources such as rivers, lakes and oceans. They also reside in various geographic locations across the world, including North America, Europe, and Asia. Their diets can vary depending on the specific type of fish, but can range from insect larvae to other small fish.

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When whitefish is caught by the fisherman and packaged and sold as food, its proximity to the bottom of the water source provides its distinctive texture once cooked. The fish has a drier texture, which gives it firmness and allows the fish to maintain its shape as it cooks. Fish that live near the surface of water sources have an oil content that can make them too delicate to withstand high temperatures during cooking. Whitefish’s firm texture makes it able to withstand many cooking methods, especially when fried in hot oil.

This variety of fish is most commonly used in the traditional British fried fish and chips recipe, as well as commercial fish sticks, because it is firm enough to hold its shape and allow a batter or topping to stick. It can also be processed into a gel and molded into sticks to be sold as imitation crabmeat. Fish is also a common ingredient in traditional Jewish cuisine, mostly served with bagels.

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