What is a Web Plate?

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Network cards are used in most cases to join two media. Typically, one of the two media is vertical and the other is horizontal. Essentially, this means that hammocks are just boards used to join two different materials together perpendicularly.

In mechanical and construction applications, there are literally hundreds of different methods used to connect two materials to each other, whether by fusion, such as welding, or by fastening. Regardless of whether the application is construction related or mechanical, one of the most popular connection methods is the network card. The network card is also referred to in some applications as a T-connector because of the way pre-drilled holes are available.

The shape of the web board is also where the connection method gets its name, because when the board is applied, especially in construction applications, it resembles a spider’s web. The angled sides of the board often also project into the open corner of the connected materials. On the other hand, the shape of the holes provided for the application of fasteners to the materials is where its nickname comes from, the t-connector. The nickname comes from the fasteners going straight to the center of the plate and then crossing the flat top edge of the connecting device.

Lattice plates are often triangular in shape, with each corner of the triangle rounded. They are most commonly made of steel. This strong material is chosen so that the structural integrity of the connection is maintained.

The use of hardened steel for the fabrication of the web plates is imperative due to the number of applications in which the plates can be used. Since web plate is considered a structural bond, it must be able to withstand strength tests and be evaluated for strength before it can be applied to any application, regardless of how small the project may seem. Some boards are made of rigid plastic and used to ensure connection and stability in the structure of plastic shelves. In industrial, mechanical or construction applications, however, the web plate should almost always be fabricated or machined from hardened steel or alloy product.

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To know which network card to use, the size of the materials must be taken into account. The material must be large enough to allow the application of the web plate at the junction. The network card must also be large enough to provide solid structural support for the materials to be joined.

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