What is a water based mask?

A woman applying mascara to her eyelashes.

There are two types of mascara commonly used – water-based or waterproof mascara is long-lasting and smudge-resistant, while water-based mascara is easier to apply and remove. One of the biggest advantages of the water-based mask is the natural levels of potential hydrogen (pH), making it a healthier option for use next to the delicate skin around the eyes. It also doesn’t contain some of the chemicals and additives found in waterproof mascara, making water-based mascara an ideal choice for anyone with sensitive eyes or skin allergies. A third type of mascara is the mixed variety mascara, although it is not as commonly used. Mixed variety mascara is a combination of water-based and waterproof mascara and shares many advantages and disadvantages with both.

The water-based mask is an ideal choice for people with sensitive skin and eyes.

For many years, waterproof mascara was more popular than water-based mascara. Waterproof mascara lasts longer, so it doesn’t need to be reapplied as often. This type of mascara doesn’t smudge as easily, which means it will survive tears, perspiration, and even a vigorous dip. Lengthening and thickening mascara is often oil-based. Additionally, many find it necessary to use three or four coats of a water-based variety to achieve the same effect provided by just one or two coats of oil-based mascara.

There are many advantages to using water-based mascara. While waterproof mascara won’t smudge and last longer, it’s also much harder to remove. For this type of makeup, harsher mascara removers are needed, which can damage your lashes.

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Smudges and waterproof mascara may not run off as easily as other types.

Water-based masks are much easier to remove with a milder mascara remover or even soap and water. Water-based mascara dries faster and doesn’t cause lashes to stick or stick together like oil-based mascara. People with skin allergies or sensitive eyes are often encouraged to use water-based mascara. Waterproof mascara often contains substances like petroleum distillates that can cause irritation or breakouts.

Sharing makeup applicators with others can spread bacteria and irritate your eyelids.

The water-based mask is ideal for those looking for natural eye makeup alternatives. Contact users should choose a water-based mask that is hypoallergenic or labeled “for sensitive eyes”. For those with eyelash extensions, oil-based use can dissolve the bonding agents used to affix the extensions to the lashes. These consumers should choose mascara that is not just water-based, but made especially for those with extensions. Anyone who wants to make their lashes longer and thicker should avoid using oil-based mascara, as removing waterproof mascara can damage the lashes in a way that can prevent them from growing as desired.

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