What is a victimizer?

Victimizer is one who, by his actions, turns another living being into a victim (someone who suffers some kind of damage because of another subject or because of a risky situation). The ideas of perpetrator and victim, therefore, function in opposition.

For example: “While he was dying, the old man watched as his attacker silently left the scene”, “I will not allow this crime to go unpunished: the perpetrator will be tried with the full weight of the law”, ” The alleged perpetrator of two policemen was stuck last night at a train station.” It can be said that a murderer, a rapist or an aggressor are all aggressors, as they generate victims (the murdered, raped or beaten individuals). Thus, the term can be used as a synonym for these concepts according to the context.

Pederasty is also among the list of crimes that can generate this dynamic of victimizer and victim, and it is one of the most serious, since in this case the victims are minors. The RAE dictionary defines this word as an “erotic inclination” or a “sexual abuse” directed at children; however, no academic significance can express the nightmare this aberration represents, which often destroys victims’ lives forever. One of the most interesting aspects of this term, from a semantic point of view, is that it is not always easy to recognize the signs that place each participant in a conflict in this role or in its opposite; the general tendency leads us to think that victims are always more fragile than aggressors, whether due to age, health or some other impediment, although this is not always the case. Animals, for example, often fall prey to a lack of human empathy, and many of them have more strength and dexterity than any of their perpetrators: cows, pigs, horses and chickens who endure horrible lives on farms for them. The explorers carry out of food production, wild animals that become macabre trophies on the hunters’ walls, species that disappear from the planet due to environmental pollution; For reasons unknown, our fellow Earthlings allow this abuse to continue undisclosed, perhaps giving us a message of peace beyond our ability to comprehend. It is often said that a subject has gone from perpetrator to victim or vice versa. This occurs when a situation that appeared to have developed one way actually developed another. Suppose a woman denounces her ex-husband for gender violence: in this case, everything indicates that the woman is the victim and the man, the perpetrator. However, when the Justice investigates, it discovers that the woman had invented all the facts she denounced to harm her husband. Thus, the woman becomes the victimizer of her ex-partner, who is the victim in this case.

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Likewise, ignorance often leads us to neglect certain risky situations or crimes, such as violence by women against men, as society insists on hiding them to continue defining women as “weak in sex”. In sport , the perpetrator is often called a player, athlete or team that, upon obtaining a victory or a certain success , turns its rival into a victim: “Lionel Messi, once again, was the author of Real Madrid by scoring three goals in the classic”. The use of terms in contexts that are very different from what they should have by definition is common in the world of the press, as it can generate a greater impact on the reader than absolutely technical and precise words.

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