What is a vibrating hairbrush?

A vibrating hairbrush is a brush with a low-speed vibrator inside that is used to comb human hair. The vibrations help detangle difficult-to-comb strands and provide a massage for the wearer. Most vibrating hairbrushes are battery operated.

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There is more than one way to use this type of hairbrush. The brush can be used on hair with the vibrator off, or the back of the brush can be used to give a vibrating massage. Many models feature ridges on the back of the brush that can be combed over the head and neck while the brush is vibrating. Massage stimulates blood flow to the scalp, as well as providing a feeling of pleasure.

Another way to use a vibrating hairbrush is to brush your hair while the brush is vibrating. The vibrations help detangle your hair as well as add volume, just like a vibrating mascara wand should lift and separate your lashes. Because the vibrator is so smooth, the brush strokes aren’t strong enough to tangle your hair again.

Since these brushes already have dual uses, some manufacturers have tried to add other features to turn a brush into an all-in-one hair care tool. Some brushes are advertised as emitting infrared light as well as vibrations, while others are considered waterproof for shower use. Other vibrating hairbrushes are marketed for use as personal massage devices.

Like most human hair brushes, a vibrating brush can have either hard or soft bristles. The style of the bristles and the shape of the brush will vary depending on the type of hairstyle the brush is made for. For example, a paddle brush is usually best for long, straight hair, while a swivel brush is best for short hair.

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While many vibrating brushes are marketed for people with especially fine hair, many beauty and styling guides do not recommend a vibrating brush as your first choice for basic hair care. Instead, before brushing, the user must first detangle the hair with a straight comb. Only when all tangles have been removed should a vibrating hairbrush be used, or else the hair could be damaged, say some experts.

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