What is a Veggie Smoothie?

Protein powder, which is often included in vegetarian vitamins.

A vegetarian smoothie is a blended drink that contains varying amounts of mixed vegetables that are usually accompanied by fruit. Smoothies of this type are often used by those looking for a healthy alternative to meals or as a quick snack. Virtually any type of vegetable can be added to a vegetarian smoothie. Common ingredients tend to be carrots, celery, greens, and even kale.

Wheatgrass juice is often added to smoothies for a nutritional boost.

Vegetable juice is a different drink and is made by extracting certain parts of fruits and vegetables and leaving the rest out of the mix. A smoothie uses all of the edible parts of the fruits and vegetables, leading many experts to claim that drinking a vegetarian smoothie is more beneficial than drinking just juice because of the extra nutrients found in the skin of fruits and vegetables such as apples and carrots. Using the whole vegetable, smoothie drinkers consume more pulp and fiber.

Blenders are the easiest way to make smoothies.

Smoothies made from vegetables do not necessarily exclude other types of ingredients. In fact, most vegetarian smoothies start with a fruit base. An apple or banana is typically added to the base to act as a thickening agent, giving the smoothie a thick, milkshake-like texture. Pineapple and strawberry are common additions to vegetarian smoothies and act as natural sweeteners. Mangoes, pomegranates, oranges, raspberries and blueberries are also common ingredients in vegetarian smoothies.

Spinach can be used to make healthy green smoothies.

Vegetarian smoothies offer great versatility when it comes to adding nutrients. Individuals who want to increase the amount of a certain nutrient in their diet can easily add the desired fruit, vegetable or grain to their smoothie mix. Due to the different textures, thicknesses and flavors of a smoothie, supplements like protein powders are rarely noticeable.

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Frozen vegetables can be used to make a vegetarian smoothie.

Other additions to vegetarian smoothies include dairy products like yogurt, milk, and ice cream. These ingredients aren’t necessary in a vegetarian smoothie, but they add some nutrients not found in fruits and vegetables and can lend a smooth, creamy texture that makes smoothies easier to consume. Soy milk and green tea are common dairy alternatives, often used by vegetarians and vegans who have eliminated dairy from their diet.

Virtually any type of vegetable can be used to make a vegetarian smoothie.

Vegetarian smoothie recipes are numerous, and several smoothie recipes have become popular that focus on a specific set of ingredients, such as the green vegetables used in green smoothies. A vegetarian smoothie is easy to make at home as it only requires a blender and fresh or frozen fruits and vegetables. This ease of preparation makes these smoothies popular with health-conscious individuals who want to maintain a healthy diet that can be prepared at home.

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