What is a tuxedo sofa?

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The sofa tuxedo is thought to have been invented in the 1920s, and its name comes from the same place that makes the tuxedo, the posh town of Tuxedo Park, New York. Along with other pieces of furniture, the tuxedo sofa is often seen as one of the pieces that heralded the modern era in furniture. Still, many who own a sofa or sofa wouldn’t know how to call it a tuxedo sofa, although the style remains popular.

The basic requirements of any tuxedo sofa are that the armrests of the sofa are the same height as your back. This usually means that the back pads and sometimes the sides are above the height of the back and arms. Cushions can be attached or released, depending on the individual sofa; more often, they are loose. Early versions of the tuxedo sofa used to have outwardly curved arms, and you can find this in modern variants. Probably the most modern look, though, is a straight, streamlined neck that is upholstered and can feature a little bit of padding.

When looking for furniture, you may find vintage tuxedo sofas that will cost good money if they are in good condition, or new pieces that are interpretations of the vintage style. The cost can depend on a variety of factors, type of materials used, brand name and individual store prices. Since the definition of this sofa depends more on the equal height of the back and arms, any sofa that fits this definition is a tuxedo sofa. The length, width, and fabric choices have little to do with whether or not a sofa falls into this category.

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So you’ll find plenty of varieties to choose from if you like the style, even sofa beds. As with any style of loose-back pillow, many people cite that loose pillows make the sofa easier to care for. If a single pillow becomes stained, it can be cleaned much more easily than a high upholstered sofa. Others complain that pressure on pillows above the back of the sofa can cause them to become misshapen. If you rotate the pillows regularly and they are of good quality, chances are they will stay fresh and fluffy. Removing the cushions from the back or side gives you the advantage of being able to vacuum the sofa more thoroughly.

One complaint that seems to go hand in hand with tuxedo sofas is that they can be a little harder to cover than standard high-back sofas or sofas with cushions. As the back is shorter, the covers can be very long and ordering custom covers can be expensive. If you are planning to cover individual pillows as well, you will have to buy pillow covers separately, or you can save some money by making your own pillowcases.

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