What is a turnkey solution? (with photo)

Turnkey solutions are common with international shipments.

A turnkey solution is one that can be easily implemented based on the resources already available to a company or individual. In most cases, it is one of the most desirable ways to get a solution, but it may not be an option on a regular basis. The image created by the phrase turnkey solution evokes that of turning a key to start an engine.

Turnkey business solutions are usually related to areas that can be renewed with relatively little effort, such as those involving software processes, for example. It is much more difficult to devise a turnkey solution for a manufacturing process, as another example, simply because this would likely involve retrofitting an existing facility, which can take several months and cost significantly more money. A turnkey solution, by definition, must be able to be implemented quickly.

One of the most common forms of turnkey solutions is in the area of ​​shipping. If a shipper has trouble meeting the company’s requirements, another shipper can be substituted. An international turnkey solution, or global turnkey solution, is often used in connection with shipping issues. Finding a shipper to ship things internationally on a required schedule can be considered such a solution.

The ability to find turnkey solutions depends on management’s ability to see things from a non-traditional perspective. Often, looking at a problem through the lens of tradition and past precedence will not lead to a truly innovative turnkey solution. Rather, this practice is likely to keep the status quo in place for a long time to come.

It should be noted that some problems are so substantial that they cannot be addressed with a turnkey solution, even if there is a desire to do so. Indeed, many may attempt to implement such a solution when a broader system overhaul is required. In these cases, the role of management is to recognize what types of problems different solutions can be used to correct. Therefore, it is sensible to be pragmatic in these cases.

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If an off-the-shelf solution is chosen, every effort should be made to bring all employees and vendors where relevant to an explanation of what is changing and how that change will affect operations. Good communication is a vital component of making any new business practice work over the long term. If employees don’t understand the reason for the change, they are likely to be hesitant to make it work.

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