What is a traditional style house? (with photos)

Foyers are often part of the design of traditional-style homes.

A traditional style home does not typically follow a specific genre but instead has many features and designs. Traditional-style homes combine practicality and affordability with a classic look. Functionality is a distinctive feature of the traditional home – another unmistakable feature is its simplistic design. Most of the time, this house will have few decorations on the outside. These traditional architectural styles are the most prevalent in the structure of American homes.

Cottage styles are considered traditional, albeit with less space than a standard home.

The most common materials used for the exterior of a traditional-style home are brick, stone, or stucco. Many styles of traditional houses are built entirely of brick. Other houses combine bricks with other materials. Some traditional homes will be seen with a covered porch, but more often than not, the project will not include a functional porch.

Many homes have an attached garage.

For a potential buyer interested in purchasing a traditional style home, some considerations might be Victorian, Colonial, Cape Cod or ranch. All these designs can be classified as traditional style houses. While each has its own uniqueness, all four share common characteristics. Victorian designs are the oldest, dating back to the late 1960s.

Wooden batten is traditionally found in older homes.

Colonial houses are mostly two-story with steep roofs and chimneys in pairs. The front door is usually framed with painted wood, and the top is usually crowned as well. A Cape Cod style home is usually smaller in size to accommodate a smaller family, and these homes are generally more affordable. The ranch-style homes feature single-story floor plans. Many say that this style of home originated in the state of California in the United States.

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Victorian houses are an example of traditional style homes.

Traditional style home floor plans are generally basic but flexible as this home was designed to accommodate family life. It is common to find a large family room or den, as well as up to four bedrooms. The exception to this rule may be the cottage-style home. While country house styles are still considered traditional designs, they are generally smaller, with less space. Many of the country houses have one or two bedroom plans.

Traditional-style homes in semitropical locations often feature semi-enclosed back porches.

There are several aspects to the interior design of a traditional style home. Some of these homes may feature a lobby or entrance. Most will include a separate laundry room, though some of the older homes will house the washer and dryer in the basement area. Most traditional modern style homes will include an attached garage. Some of the larger colonial styles will have a two car garage or double garage.

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