What is a Toomey Syringe?

Heparin can be given when a patient is at risk of developing a blood clot.

Toomey & tmark; syringe is used to irrigate and evacuate during medical procedures. The basic syringe has a blunt tip that can be fitted with a cap or used as is. This design can also be useful for activities like tube feeding, where it can be clipped onto the tube to provide a nutritional bolus. Medical supply companies manufacture a variety of sizes with interchangeable tips for different applications and are available over the counter in many regions.

Emergency rooms often use Toomey syringes to clean wounds before closing them.

Some designs include a loop on the plunger to allow a medical provider to use it with one hand, which can free up the other hand for other tasks. Others have features like a clip that will lock the syringe once the plunger is pulled back to maintain suction. This can be important when someone is evacuating or aspirating a site and does not want to inadvertently lose suction and force liquid out of the syringe.

The Toomey syringe is often used to irrigate dirt and debris from minor wounds.

For irrigation, Toomey & tmark; the syringe can be filled with water, saline or other materials and used to gently clean the site. Doctors can control the amount of fluid and pressure with the plunger to clean wounds, removing dirt, debris and other unwanted components. Emergency rooms and operating rooms often rely on this equipment to clean wounds before closing them. Patients caring for wounds at home can also be taught to use a Toomey & tmark; syringe for some applications.

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Toomey syringes are commonly found in operating rooms.

By changing the syringe tip, a variety of tasks can be accomplished. Some can be equipped with tips to lock onto catheters and other syringes, for example. Others may be attached to trocars, short tubes with sharp edges designed for insertion into the body, for procedures such as liposuction. Toomey & tmark; The syringe can be used to carefully control the amount of material removed from the site, with a lock to hold the contents in the syringe.

Cancer patients can have their chemotherapy catheters flushed with a Toomey syringe.

In tube feeding, patients or healthcare professionals can open the tube cap and place a Toomey & tmark; syringe filled with a nutritional mixture. By gently pressing the plunger, they force the mixture into the tube. Syringes can also be used to irrigate tubes and catheters with saline or heparin to prevent clotting and keep them clean.

These medical products are usually sold in bulk, although they may come individually packaged to facilitate sterilization for use in environments such as the operating room. Patients who need Toomey & tmark; syringes for tube feeding, home wound care and similar activities may receive an initial supply from your doctors. If they need to use them for an extended period of time, they may need to be purchased from a pharmacy or medical supply supplier.

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