What is a subdivision? (with photos)

A subdivision usually contains several streets with a dense layout of houses.

A subdivision is a concept that most people in North America are familiar with because they live in one. Subdivision refers to the act of dividing large areas of land into areas that are easier to develop and later sell, as well as the completed area itself. A housing subdivision is also commonly known as a plat.

The subdivision as we know it today began in 1926, when the Urban Planning and Zoning Advisory Committee formed the Standard Urban Planning Enabling Act (SCPEA). The SCPEA was responsible for defining subdivisions and organizing the plans that have since created many of the cities and districts we live in today. The SCPEA defines “subdivision” as any plot or plot of land that is divided into two or more plots or plots for the purpose of sale and/or development.

People who are no longer interested in living in older suburbs may choose to move to a new subdivision.

After the SCPEA was created, towns, cities and communities began to develop in record numbers. Rural areas began to be developed to include several houses on individual plots. The creation of subdivisions has increased housing capacity in the United States and given people the chance to form communities away from major downtown areas, yet remain intimately connected. Today, these communities are our suburbs.

In the United States, regular construction of the modern subdivision began in 1926.

In order for a new subdivision to be created, a developer must apply for zoning permits for the city or county where the available land is located. Zoning laws dictate whether the development will consist of single-family or multi-family homes, how many homes can be placed on the lot, and how utilities will be incorporated.

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Many semi-rural areas are being examined for their potential for subdivision. As older suburbs and cities become overdeveloped and overcrowded, people are looking to get even further away from the hustle and bustle. However, many people see country life as an inconvenience as they are located far from retailers and service providers. To meet this demand, developers are looking for large areas of land to divide and develop into a new subdivision.

The typical new subdivision consists of two or more connecting streets, each containing several houses located on small lots. The current trend in new home construction is towards large, spacious homes that often contain large-scale rooms that serve more than one purpose – such as the great room. Plot sizes vary and it is still possible to buy in an allotment with ½ acre plots. As the US population continues to grow, we are likely to see a continuation of subdivisions popping up in semi-rural areas and the typical American neighborhood tradition will live on.

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