What is a squirrel brush?

A squirrel, which can be used to make a squirrel brush.

A squirrel brush is a makeup application brush made from squirrel hair. High quality squirrel hair brushes are typically made with the hair of the native Russian gray or blue squirrel. Brown squirrel hair is more readily available, and brushes made from it are generally cheaper and considered to be of average quality. Squirrel hair is sometimes mixed with other hair in the brush to reduce the cost.

Some makeup brushes are made from animal hair, including the squirrel brush.

Squirrel hair is usually very soft and gentle on the skin. It is also considered durable and many prefer it to other types of natural brushes. If a person has sensitive skin, they can use a squirrel brush to apply makeup. Before choosing a brush, however, it’s a good idea for people to check that their hair isn’t mixed with other, rougher hair, which can irritate the skin. An allergy test can also be a good idea before purchasing a squirrel brush.

If a person has sensitive skin, they can use a squirrel brush to apply makeup.

Most squirrel brushes are not made with the hair of the typical garden squirrel. Instead, long-haired squirrels native to Canada and Russia are often used. The longer tail hairs are used more often and are usually kept as natural and unprocessed as possible. The hair chosen is very fine, so the brushes can be packed more densely. They are normally good for eyeshadow and powder foundation brushes – some art brush companies also use squirrel hair in their brushes, and say they are very good for watercolor.

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Squirrel brushes are typically used for eyeshadow and foundation applicators.

While some consider the squirrel brush to be a high quality product, others prefer not to use them. Some of these brushes are made in countries with little or no animal welfare legislation and regulations. Even those manufactured with strict regulations and minimal animal cruelty cannot be purchased by those who are against the use of animal products of any kind.

Usually any beauty salon or cosmetics store carries the squirrel hairbrush. It’s important to keep all makeup brushes clean, but natural brushes can require even more care. Natural makeup brushes tend to trap and retain dirt and bacteria, which can cause infections or other complications when they come in contact with your face. To clean a squirrel brush, people should spin it in a bowl of warm water mixed with a few drops of shampoo, then rinse the brush under running lukewarm water. It usually takes several hours for a squirrel brush to dry completely, so it’s best for users to lay it flat and allow it to dry overnight.

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