What is a Spa Hotel?

Woman doing manicure in a hotel spa.

A hotel spa is one that is located within or on the premises of a hotel or resort. It is quite common for luxury hotels to have spas where guests can enjoy a range of services and beauty treatments. The most common services offered on hotel spa menus are massages, manicures, pedicures and facials. Depending on the facility, the hotel’s spas may also come equipped with steam rooms and saunas for guests to enjoy between treatments.

Some hotel spas offer Botox® injections.

It is common for a hotel spa to allow guests to book treatments in their rooms rather than at the spa. In fact, some hotel spas are quite small and perform most services in rooms or suites rather than in dedicated rooms within the spa facility. For treatments that are performed within a hotel room, the massage therapist, beautician, or nail technician will bring all necessary supplies to the guest’s hotel room. Some hotel spas also offer hair care and have beauticians on hand to take care of guests who need to cut, dye or style their hair.

A sauna in a hotel spa.

In addition to massage and skin, nail and hair care, a hotel spa can also offer dental treatments. The most common dental treatments offered by spas are teeth whitening services. Another item that sometimes appears on hotel spa menus is the hot towel shave. It is a luxurious treatment for men, which involves the skin of the face softened with warm towels, followed by a shave with a razor blade. Treatment usually ends with a soothing balm to soothe the skin.

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The hotel’s spa offers massages.

There are some hotels that are destinations simply for the quality of their spas. In fact, some hotels and resorts are specifically designed to cater to guests looking for a great spa experience. Many of these types of facilities offer packages that include the cost of accommodation as well as fees for various treatments. These packages can often be customized to suit each guest’s interests and needs. Hotels and resorts like these likely also offer fitness classes such as yoga and pilates.

Spa hotels offer a relaxing place to get away from everyday stress.

There are several well-known hotel chains that have spas in most of their hotels. There are also many boutique hotels that have spas. Almost all hospitality websites have information about whether or not there is a hotel spa on site. If there is, there should be a menu that will allow you to browse available treatments.

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