What is a shower enema?

Enema supplies are connected to a shower head for an enema bath.

A shower enema allows a person to cleanse their colon at home, without the need for assistance from a trained professional. Among the different types of enemas, the home enema is considered one of the most economical, especially for individuals who undergo regular treatments. This type is achieved by attaching special enema supplies to the bathroom shower, which allows for quick and convenient colon cleansing.

A reusable enema kit.

Unlike other types of homemade enema, a shower enema does not require the use of an enema bag to pump water into the colon. The only supplies needed are injection nozzles to insert into the rectum and a pressure valve to control the flow of water. Most kits also include additional tubes for ease of use. Special adapters may be needed to connect nozzles or tubes to shower heads that cannot be removed from the water source.

Epsom salt, which can be used to make an enema.

Once assembled, an enema set is relatively simple to use. The nipple is inserted into the rectum, usually with the aid of a lubricant. The shower is turned on and the pressure valve is adjusted until the water flow is at a comfortable level. As the water flows through the tube, the colon is cleansed of any fecal matter and other waste. After the colon has been moderately filled, the individual removes the mouthpiece and defecates in the toilet.

A shower enema is a homemade version of a colonic discharge.

Enemas have several potential benefits. Periodic colon cleansing can help detoxify the body and promote regular bowel movement, making enemas a source of relief for individuals suffering from severe constipation. Enemas can also prevent painful polyps from forming in the colon and rectum. A shower bath is especially useful for individuals who need to undergo regular treatment, because in the long run, the one-time investment in a set will be much cheaper than the medical fees.

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A bath enema involves inserting a nipple into the rectum.

There are certain risk factors, however, that are associated with bath enemas. It does not regulate the amount of water that enters the colon, unlike an enema bag. Overloading the colon with water can cause it to rupture, leading to serious medical problems. There is also no guarantee that the water pressure will be maintained at safe levels, although the number of pressure-related injuries resulting from the use of these sets is very small.

It is recommended, as with any medical procedure performed on your own, that an individual considering a shower enema first consults with a trained professional to determine whether the procedure itself is safe for that person. Also, all instructions that come with the kit must be followed precisely to avoid possible medical problems.

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