What is a seller?

The etymology of the term seller refers to the Latin language: seller. The concept is used as an adjective to qualify who or what is dedicated to selling. This verb, in turn, refers to delivering goods in exchange for agreed-upon money.

For example: “I got a job as a salesman in a shoe store” , “I’ll ask the salesperson if I can pay for the TV” , “A man entered the shopping center and took three salesmen hostage . ” A seller has the task of marketing products and services. To perform your role successfully, you must not only know the features and details of what you sell, but also have the power of persuasion to convince potential buyers.

Specifically, those who analyze the figure of a good salesperson determines that it is essential that, in addition to those already exposed, he has these other qualities:

– Must be an optimistic person to convey positivity to the customer.

– Likewise, it is essential that you are polite and friendly at all times.

-It has to be someone who has empathy, who shows understanding towards the client and who can understand him in the position he takes. And is that this will make the “recipient” feel well treated and be more inclined to make the purchase in question. Likewise, having this quality will help you to know what your customer is looking for and what they need.

-It is essential to present a good image, as this will give confidence to the client and will endorse him as a true professional.

-You have to be someone with great capacity for effort, with tenacity and determination when it comes to fulfilling each and every one of the goals you set yourself.

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-The seller must also be honest. That is, although your objective is to sell, you do not have to do it through deception and lies, because if your falsehood is discovered, what you will do is that the customer does not trust you again.

Having the ability to listen, being assertive, having good diction and transmitting confidence are other qualities that the salesperson must have. And that without forgetting that it is essential that he is also a punctual person. There are salespeople who are hired by a company, being employees of the company. They usually receive a fixed salary for their work and may also earn a commission on products sold. The other sellers, in turn, are independent and earn their income exclusively through commissions. Currently, sellers can work remotely: that is, without physical contact with buyers. Many people work selling products over the Internet or over the phone, modifying the scheme that has governed sales for centuries (which involved direct contact between the seller, the buyer and the product).

It should be noted that the adjective can be applied to organizations. A football club can be described as a “seller” when it tends to quickly dispose of the players that are part of its team.

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