What is a scented candle? (with photos)

Jasmine lotion and jasmine scented candle.

A scented candle, made with aromatic oils mixed with wax, gives off a pleasant aroma when burning. A scented candle is a nice touch in a bathroom, especially when guests are in a bedroom or any other room in the house. A scented candle can create an environment of health and well-being. Unlike incense, scented candles do not add smoke to the air.

Unlike incense, most scented candles do not produce smoke.

There are many different ways to make a scented candle. If done poorly, the wax will have a pleasant smell when brought to the nose, but lighting the candle may not produce any smell. This can be a frustrating waste of money, but a little knowledge can help you identify quality candles.

Many scented candles are made with different varieties of pre-mixed wax, each with its own saturation point for scented oils. Adding more oil than the wax can absorb will result in the candle sweating out the oil. This limitation falls between one-half to one ounce of oil per pound of pre-mixed wax (15-30 ml of oil per 0.45 kg of wax).

A scented candle next to the bath is certainly a pleasant aromatherapy treat.

A better type of scented candle, called a “triple scent,” uses a different mixture of wax that can hold 1.5 oz. (45 ml) of fragrance oil per pound (0.45 kg), or three times the old standard of half an ounce (15 ml). These candles will produce an aroma when burned.

Some candle makers may also use a proprietary wax blend that can contain even more fragrance oil to make super-scented candles. A candle maker with an online presence claims to use more than 2 ounces (59 ml) of fragrance oil per pound of specially blended candle wax and guarantees that their candles will satisfy or your money back.

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A scented candle can come in many varieties, but most are tea candles, votive candles, or pitcher candles. Popular scents include apple pie, bayberry, cinnamon flavoring, ocean mist, vanilla, coconut, chocolate, jasmine, caramel, and sandalwood, but this short list is just a sampling. Aromatherapy claims that certain scents can create a relaxing mood and increase well-being. A scented candle next to the bath is certainly a nice treat in any case. Walking into a house where a scented candle is lit creates an immediately pleasant impression and often leads one to think: What smells so good?

Lighting a scented candle can help with household odors or simply make your home smell great. A well-made scented candle with a neatly trimmed wick will melt in oil and burn like a liquid, without dripping wax or giving off smoke. When it’s burned, it won’t leave any residue. Since scented candles melt and turn to oil as they burn, they are made to burn in glass containers or, in the case of tea candles, in a can.

You can easily find quality scented candles online that are guaranteed to produce a scent and enjoy the warm scent of tropical paradise, warm apple pie or exotic jasmine with no more hassle than simply lighting a candle. Your home will love you for it.

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