What is a sanitary t-shirt? (with photo)

PVC pipes are commonly used by plumbers.

A sanitary tee is a plumbing fixture that allows liquids to drain while also allowing for ventilation of the plumbing system. The fitting resembles a regular T-fit; the toilet tee, however, when viewed from the side will have a definite sweep down to the center entrance. This molded-down sweep feature on the tee assists the liquid in its path towards a drain tube. The top tee fitting is connected to the building’s plumbing ventilation system.

Poly-vinyl chloride (PVC) plumbing makes plumbing much easier for most inexperienced plumbers than copper or black pipe. In many cases where a drain is being installed where there was no drain before, it is necessary not only to install the drain, but also to install a ventilation system for the drain. The Hygienic T-shirt makes adding a ventilation method very easy. By adding the sanitary tee to the drain line, ventilation can be channeled directly from the top of the tee, making the entire procedure hassle-free.

When plumbing a vent line from a sanitary tee, it is imperative that the vent does not connect below any other drain. This could make it possible to drain sewage or liquids through the tee and even send it back to another device such as a sink. All PVC pipes coming out of ventilation systems must merge above all drains in the structure and then be vented to atmosphere through the roof.

The curved center section of the hygienic tee discourages the siphon from drains and sink drains when properly installed. Improper installation of the connection can lead to drainage difficulties for the drainage system in which it is installed. A sign of a malfunctioning T is a gurgling action and noise from the drain running into the T. A plugged vent gives the effect of spilling milk from a jug. Without proper airflow and ventilation, milk flows in and out of the jug.

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Hygienic tees should not be used in place of drainage traps. The trap is an important element in the plumbing system. Prevents sewage system gases from entering the structure through the sink drain. The tee simply assists the drain to come out of the sink and release any gas or odor through the ventilation system. It is important to ensure proper sealing of any joint when assembling a ventilation system. Steam, condensation and even rainwater can enter the ventilation pipe. A poor seal at any joint can lead to damaged ceilings and walls.

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