What is a robot maker?

Robots working on an automobile assembly line.

A robot manufacturer is responsible for building complex mechanical machines that perform selected tasks autonomously. These robots don’t look like sci-fi creations that walk and talk, but are extensions of various industrial processes. A robot manufacturer produces machines in two separate but equally important domains, mechanical and computer. The mechanical side of the business includes the actual design and creation of machines that perform tasks as varied as welding, painting and picking. The computational side of robotics involves programming the internal electronics to perform these tasks precisely.

Robot manufacturers often use a common chassis for the bomb defusing robots used by the police and the combat robots deployed by the military.

Sensitive robotic equipment that is used in different industries is produced by robot manufacturers. These robotics experts are located all over the world and produce products at varying scales. Some manufacturers make each creation manually, spending a lot of time and effort to produce a single machine capable of performing complex tasks. Larger companies specialize in specific types of robots and often resemble the factories these robots will later inhabit. By creating robots on an assembly line system, they make robots cheaper and more available.

Robot manufacturers employ engineers to design and supervise the construction of automated machines.

A robot manufacturer’s products must be used in work environments such as production facilities, factories and hazardous construction areas. Machines sent out into the world often resemble little more than gigantic mechanical arms. These creations are capable of rotating on different axes such as the shoulder, elbow and wrist of a real arm, providing a full range of motion. The end end of a robotic arm is what makes it unique as it can be customized for many different jobs such as having a welder, paint sprayer or mechanical gripper included. A manufacturer employs mechanical experts to design and build these highly complex robots.

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A follow-up to the mechanical side of a robot manufacturer is the computer programming part of the business. In order for these machines to perform the tasks for which they were built, the internal computers must be perfectly coordinated. Engineers who are familiar with computers and robotics will design programs that command the giant mechanical arms to move in precise patterns and perform specific tasks. Engineers must also create programs that are easy to operate, and this consideration is an important part of software development.

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