What is a reset?

Reinstatement of your driver’s license may require you to take a driver education course.

When someone is restored to their previous status after having that status revoked, this is known as reinstatement. Reinstatement can take many forms, from reinstatement after excommunication from the church to reinstatement of a driver’s license after satisfying legal requirements. As a general rule, to be reinstated, someone must demonstrate that the situation that caused the statute to be revoked in the first place has been corrected.

Vehicle licenses can be revoked for failure to pay the license fee.

In the financial world, someone with undocumented accounts may have privileges or the accounts themselves revoked. To be reinstated, the person with revoked privileges would need to keep accounts up to date so that restrictions could be lifted. For example, a bank might close a customer’s account after a large overdraft, in which case the customer would need to pay the overdraft and deposit funds to have the account reinstated.

Privileges granted by the government, such as a license to operate a vehicle or a certificate of naturalized citizenship, can also be revoked. Vehicle licenses can be revoked for failure to pay the license fee, in which case it would be necessary to pay the fee and a fine to obtain reinstatement of the license. Citizenship is usually revoked on the basis of criminal activity or egregious acts, in which case it may not be possible to obtain reintegration, although former citizens can certainly try.

Another form of reinstatement, reinstatement of insurance, can occur when someone upgrades an insurance policy. Insurance policies expire when premiums are not paid. To reinstate the policy, premiums must be paid, and there may be a waiting period where someone is only covered for limited things before the full policy goes into effect. This is meant to discourage people from allowing their policies to lapse and then renewing them when they feel they are needed.

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Excommunication from a church can be accompanied by readmission if people show genuine repentance and meet the requirements set by the church. Likewise, persons removed from their positions in other organizations can apply for reinstatement if they feel that the revocation of their privileges was a mistake, or if the situation that led to their removal has been resolved.

When applying for the restoration of position or privileges, individuals should be aware that they will be asked to demonstrate the reasons why they should be reinstated or provide evidence that the revocation was erroneous and that they may be required to pay fees.

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