What is a Regional Service Manager?

Someone who works for a photocopier company as a local service provider can be promoted to local manager and then regional service manager.

A regional service manager is responsible for providing consistent sales and service support to customers in a specific geographic area. This position is typically found in service-based companies, but can also be found in consulting or specialist trade companies. The regional service manager’s primary role is to provide guidance to staff, maintain consistent product quality, and resolve issues.

To become a regional service manager, most people have gained 10 to 15 years of work experience in the service industry. For example, someone who works for a photocopier service company as a local service provider may be promoted to local manager and then regional service manager. This career path requires consistently high quality results, an excellent understanding of the product and the ability to work well with customers and employees.

As a regional service manager, he reports directly to a district service manager or a member of the executive team. Region size varies widely, but is typically based on the number of current and potential customers in the region, not physical size. Be prepared for a significant amount of on-the-job travel as the manager must meet with staff regularly to provide support, follow up on issues, and communicate policy and messages from headquarters.

In many companies, the regional service manager is expected to set the expectations and quality standards of his team. Part of this process is communicating these standards to the team in a consistent and practical way. Team members must also understand whether or not performance reviews are based on these standards. The ability to motivate employees and keep their interest level high is very important in this job. Taking the time to learn about your employees, resolve their work-related issues, and provide support when needed is a big part of this job.

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Problem solving and conflict resolution are required of everyone at a managerial level, but there are additional expectations for anyone who is a regional service manager. He should be able to identify the core issue, honestly address the concern, and provide feedback. When an item is escalated to the regional service manager, it is usually due to a lack of satisfaction with the performance or quality of work. Most people create a systematic way to address these issues when they occur, so that the same issue or complaint does not recur.

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