What is a refrigerator condenser? (with photos)

Cooler condensers are the main operating components of a standard cooler’s cooling system.

A cooler condenser is one of the main operating components that make up the cooling system in a standard cooler. It consists of a series of copper tubes that overlap in a grid or spiral pattern. On most models, the condenser is located on the back of the unit, although some can be installed on the bottom or along one side of the unit. Although its size can vary, it usually covers at least half the area of ​​the refrigerator wall, and some even cover the entire wall of the unit.

A refrigerator’s condenser is part of the system that removes heat from its interior.

Combined with the evaporator unit inside the refrigerator, the condenser removes heat from inside the refrigerator and transfers it to the outside of the unit. A series of copper tubes or pipes connect the two devices, and liquid refrigerant passes through these tubes to travel from one to the other. As the refrigerant passes through the evaporator, it collects heat energy from inside the refrigerator or freezer, leaving the interior of the unit cool enough for food storage. The extra heat energy heats the coolant, causing it to turn into a gaseous material. This gaseous refrigerant descends to the condenser.

The electrical circuit breaker must be turned off before attempting to clean the coils of a refrigerator condenser.

As the refrigerant passes into the condenser, a fan blows air into the copper tubes. This cools the internal refrigerant and excess heat energy is exhausted to the environment. Once the heat leaves the refrigerant, it turns back into a liquid and then travels back to the evaporator to repeat the cooling cycle.

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To maximize the life of a refrigerator, homeowners should perform routine maintenance tasks, which include cleaning the refrigerator’s condenser coils. By keeping these coils free of dirt and debris, homeowners will often find that the unit is less likely to break. A clean facility can also operate more efficiently, which can result in lower utility costs.

The coils of a cooler condenser can be cleaned using a vacuum hose.

Before attempting to clean the coils, users should unplug the unit or turn off the electrical circuit breaker to reduce the risk of injury. The refrigerator must then be moved away from the wall to allow access to the unit. Some spools are covered by a plate or panel, which normally slides or is manually released. Once the condenser is exposed, users can clean the coils with a vacuum hose attachment or a stiff brush. It is important to work carefully during this task to avoid bending or damaging the tubes.

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