What is a rectal dilator?

Rectal dilators can be used to treat problems like constipation and hemorrhoids.

A rectal dilator is a hand-held medical tool designed to help train the anus to relax to a greater degree. People use the instrument to treat problems like constipation and hemorrhoids, as well as to reduce pain during anal intercourse. While a person can purchase a set of dilators discreetly online, obtaining and using a set with medical supervision is ideal. Devices have been in use at least since the turn of the 20th century, with early doctors making claims of benefits far beyond what dilators actually do. Modern doctors and manufacturers are more careful with their advertising and have proven the effectiveness of dilators for anal stretching through scientific research.

A rectal dilator can be used to reduce pain during intercourse.

In terms of physical construction, rectal dilators are made from washable, semi-flexible or solid materials such as plastic. One end of the tool is rounded, while the other curves outward and is flattened into a clamp for easy handling and control. A good dilator always contains a small hole at each end, which allows air to escape from the rectal canal and eliminates pressure buildup. The tool’s length is proportional to its circumference, with wider dilators being longer. The sensitivity and delicate structure of the rectum requires the instrument to be smooth to avoid tearing or other injuries.

A rectal dilator is a medical tool designed to help train the anus to relax.

To use a rectal dilator, a person applies a water-based personal lubricant to the tool and slowly inserts it into the anus. It is recommended to do this lying on your side or facing down as it reduces the amount of pressure felt and makes the descent movement a little easier. After use, the individual removes the dilator and washes it. At first, a person may need to use the dilator once a day, but over time, this can be reduced to once or twice a week.

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A rectal dilator can be used to treat hemorrhoids.

The degree to which a person needs to relax the anus varies. In addition, it can be painful to use a very large instrument at the first point of treatment. Later, manufacturers produce rectal dilators in sets, with each set having three to six tools. The user starts with the smallest size, moving through the larger instruments as they feel comfortable.

An individual uses a rectal dilator for two main reasons. The first is that he has a medical condition or psychological problem that causes the anus to remain very tense when the person tries to have a bowel movement. This can cause abdominal discomfort, pain when defecating, and hemorrhoids from straining. The second reason is that the person wants to train the anus to relax during anal intercourse.

Regardless of why a person needs a rectal dilator, cultural influences can make people feel a little embarrassed about using it – depending on their background, a person may consider inserting anything into the anus taboo or “dirty”. Doctors view a rectal dilator as a medical instrument and see pain relief available, however, even if it is used to aid in sexual acts. Individuals who need one of these tools, therefore, should not be afraid to seek medical help to obtain a set. In fact, using dilators under medical supervision is ideal, as the doctor can monitor the patient’s relaxation progress and underlying conditions.

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