What is a purifying mask?

Yogurt can be used to make a purifying mask.

A purifying mask is a facial treatment designed to clear pores, reduce acne and oiliness, and improve the appearance and texture of the skin. Purifying masks are available as treatments at spas, in pre-made formulas at beauty supply stores, and can be prepared at home with a few basic ingredients. For those prone to breakouts or oily skin, a good cleansing mask regimen can help balance the skin and make it easier to manage facial skin issues.

Lemon and honey can be used to make a purifying mask.

Preparing the skin for a purifying mask can help improve the results and overall effectiveness of the treatment. In beauty spas, a purifying mask is often provided in conjunction with a facial, which may include an initial cleansing treatment and steam treatment to prepare the skin for the mask, as well as an application of toner and moisturizer after the mask to prevent the dryness. All these steps are easy to copy at home to improve the masking effect.

Eggs are often used in homemade cleansing masks.

To properly prepare for a mask, wash your face in warm water to open your pores and dry with a towel. A steam treatment can be prepared by filling a bowl with boiling water, then placing a towel over your head and bowl to catch the steam and direct it to your face. After a few minutes of steaming, dry your face and use a mask as instructed.

There are many commercially available masks that feature purifying ingredients such as charcoal, clay or kaolin. These masks are available at beauty stores and have the advantage of being easy to apply and having a long shelf life. People with sensitive skin or allergies may find using a commercial mask problematic, as many contain preservatives, fragrances, and other additives that can really inflame sensitive skin. For those who have severe allergies or a preference for natural ingredients, making a homemade purifying mask can be a good option.

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Purifying masks are used to treat acne.

There are hundreds of recipes for making a homemade cleansing mask, all with ingredients that try to remove impurities from the skin and reduce oiliness with the use of mild astringents. Yogurt, lemon juice, honey, pineapple and egg yolks are common ingredients in cleansing formulas. A simple online search can lead to dozens of easy recipes, many with instructions for use.

After the mask is removed from your face, be sure to moisturize to prevent dryness. How often a mask should be used depends on the formula, but many beauty experts suggest that one mask a week should be enough to improve skin. If the mask is working, your skin will soon be less oily and acne-prone, with no flakiness, tightness, or increased redness.

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